UOS BA/BSc, ADP Objections List 2023- Check Now!

Have you applied for BA/Bsc, ADP admission in University of Sargodha and waiting for confirmation of your admission. Here is is a good news for those who are worried about their admission and waiting for the objections list. In this article we will provide you with the complete details how can you check BA/Bsc, ADP objections list and what is the procedure to remove your objection if you got.

UOS BA/Bsc ADP objections list 2023

What is the UOS BA/BSc, ADP Objections List?

The UOS BA/BSc, ADP objections list is a comprehensive document/ list that contains the names of students whose admissions have been objected to by the university's examination department due to any ineligibility or absence of any documents. These objections could be due to various reasons such as incomplete admission form, not paid fee challan, or you have missed any document while sending a copy to the university examination department. The list is published on the official website of the university to notify the students about objections and also provide them a guide to remove that objection.

UOS BA/Bsc, ADP objections lists 2023:

The students who have applied first time as fresh candidates can check their objections by visiting their admission accounts. There they will get a complete details if there name is objected against any situation.

But the students who have applied for the BA/Bsc, ADP part 2 or applied for any compart cannot check it from their accounts. 

For those students the university will upload an objection list on its official website to and also inform them by sending them a SMS on their mobile numbers. 

It is expected that the university will upload the objections list in the first week of july after the vacations of Eid UL Azha. So the students are advised to visit our website regularly for the latest updates. You will be informed when the objections list will be announced by the University Of Sargodha on this website.


UOS has announced BA/Bsc Objections list 2023 for 2nd annual examinations.

Click here to view UOS BA/Bsc objections list 2023

Importance of the Objections List:

Objections list is very important for the students who are waiting for the confirmation of their admissions. They can check for any objection against their admissions and can take an immediate action to remove it by checking the objections list. 

However I have seen many students who don't check the objections list and they come to know about objections when the university uploads roll no slips of the students. At that time it becomes difficult for the students to remove their objections and get their roll no slips. So it is very important to check the objections list and clear objections within a given period of time to get your slip.

Checking the UOS BA/BSc, ADP Objections List:

To check the UOS BA/BSc, ADP objections list 2023, follow these simple steps:

a) Visit the official website of the University of Sargodha by clicking here or search on Google uos and visit the website.

b) Navigate to the "Downloads" section or a related tab.

c) Look for the link to the "Objections List 2023" or a similar title.

d) Click on the provided link to view or download the objections list.

e) Once the list is displayed, use the search function by pressing (CTRL+F) to find your name or roll number.

f) Review the list carefully and take note of any objections against your name, if applicable.

Resolving Objections:

If your name appears on the objections list, don't worry we are here to provide you a complete guide to remove any objections and get your admission confirmed. 

If your name appeared in this list against any objection first understand the situation that what is the problem in the admission such as, incomplete documents, not paid fee challan or something else. Pay that challan and send the missing documents to the examination department of university. This process will take a short time around 3 to 4 days to remove your name from the objections list. Now you can download your roll no slip when the university will upload.

Importance of Timely Resolution:

Timely resolution of objections is crucial to avoid any problem with your admission because as I have mentioned above that the students don't check the objections list on time and they come to know about their objections when the time is over. At that time there is no solution of this situation because when the exams start the university will not provide you the slip to take examination. So it is very much important to remove your objection at the time when university uploads the objections list.

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The UOS BA/BSc, ADP objections list is an important document for the students at the University of Sargodha, as it provides them with an opportunity to clear any objections raised against their admissions. By promptly checking the list and resolving objections, students can ensure the accuracy of their admissions application and can participate in the exams without any problem. Remember to stay active, take guidance from the examination department if you got confused, and fulfill all the necessary requirements within the specified time frame. Wishing you all the best for a successful resolution of any objections and continued academic excellence!

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