9 ways to make your blog attractive - Give professional look to your blog

Are you running a blog and want to give it an attractive look? Here we will show you how you can make your blog look attractive.

Running a blog without any customization is very dull and useless. Blog appearance and customization play an attractive role in increasing the user experience.

Blog customization is very important to improve user experience. The customization of a blog should be easy so that a user can easily find anything which he needs.

If the user can find the required content easily he will definitely spend more time on your site and it will improve your engagement.

On the other hand, if your blog has poor customization the user will leave your blog and go to another site to find the required content.

So blog customization is very important to run a successful blog. Here I am providing you some tips to make your blog look attractive and professional so let’s see how we can do this?

9 ways to make your blog attractive

how to make your blog attractive

1. Choose a professional domain name

The first step to making your blog look attractive is to select a professional domain name for your blog. The name of your blog should be easy and short like professional websites such as Google and YouTube.

Try to shorten your blog name as much as you can it will give your blog name a more professional look and the user can remember it easily.

The second part of the domain name is domain extension and it plays an important role in making a blog attractive. Choose a professional domain extension for your blogs such as .com, .net, and .org.

Never use subdomains such as .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com. These subdomains leave a bad impact on the user's mind and your blog doesn’t look professional with these subdomains.

2. Choose a professional platform

The blogging platform is very important before starting a blog. Choose your blogging platform wisely after completing the research.

The most popular platforms for blogging are WordPress and Blogger. You can choose one of these according to your own choice and requirements.

I will suggest WordPress if you have a great budget to start blogging but if you don’t have enough money then you can choose Blogger because this is also one of the best blogging platforms.

On  WordPress, you have to purchase your own hosting to run your blog but Blogger will provide free hosting to start your blog you just have to purchase a domain name.

3. Select an attractive theme

Theme can increase the attractiveness of a blog or can make a blog dull and boring. A blog theme is very important for designing your blog and it also plays a role in SEO.

A good theme can make your blog fast and can help to improve the SEO of your blog. So try to use the best theme for your blog that is suitable for your blog and your blog topic.

4. Customize your theme

After installing the theme on your blog the next step is to customize your theme. The theme is of no use without customization. You can make your theme beautiful and fast by customizing it properly.

You can make your blog look very attractive with a simple theme with proper customization. Remove unnecessary widgets from your blog and try to make it simple.

If you are new to blogging you can contact us or follow us to learn the blog customization.

5. Design your logo

A logo is an image that appears on the main page of your blog and it increases the look of a blog. Logo helps to make your blog look professional and attractive.

Try to make a professional logo for your website or blog because this is very important to increase engagement and user experience.

Make a simple logo for your blog with a small icon and the name of your blog written with the icon. Use the color plate according to your blog theme and try to use two colors in your logo.

6. Add high-quality images

Images add to the look of a blog's beauty. Images can make a blog more beautiful and attractive.
Use high-quality images on your blog to increase blog beauty and user experience. Images also help to understand the blog content easily within a short time.

Remember, don’t use too many images on your blog because it can slow down your blog speed and make it dull. Use images within a limit because too many images can irritate the users of your blog.

7. Create a header menu

A header menu is very important for a blog or website to provide the most important links to the blog users such as categories, about, and contact pages.

A header menu is also helpful for making a blog attractive for the users and today sticky header menu is the most popular among bloggers and web developers because it helps to make blogs more attractive.

8. Update your blog regularly

Updating content regularly can help you to make your blog professional. All ranked blogs and websites must update their content regularly.

Updating content makes your blog professional and can help you to rank your blog on search engines. Updating your blog makes it professional but also improves the blog's SEO and helps in ranking a website or blog.

That is the reason that news websites rank more on search engines because they regularly update their content after a short time. If you can’t update your blog content more than once a day, at least update your content once a day.

9. Remember less is enough

I have already mentioned that less is more. This quote is for everything such as design, images, or ads.

Don’t use too many images on your site because it can slow down your website speed or don’t use too many designs.

Even don’t use too many ads because this will affect your site speed as well as user experience. Ads can irritate the users and the user can leave the site quickly.

Try to remain simple because this is good for your site and the user experience.

Final words

These are some tips to make your blog attractive and professional. However, there may be many other factors that can help to make your blog professional but these are the best and free ways to design your blog. 

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