How to speed up your android mobile phone

 Today android mobiles are becoming more popular because of their features and security. Nowadays android mobiles are doing all of the activities that we want to do such as entertainment or business management.

Android mobiles are performing every activity easily and smoothly. But there is a difference between an old mobile and a new mobile phone’s performance.

After using a mobile phone for a time it becomes slow. Today here we will see why our android mobile phone becomes slow and how can we speed up android mobile phones.

Speed up your android mobile

Tips to speed up your Android device

1. Restart the mobile

When your mobile is running slow it may be a sign of restarting your device. When our android mobile phone keeps working on a lot of processes for a long time this may slow down its performance. So it is necessary to restart a mobile phone when it is working slowly.

Restart it regularly or after a week because this is important to improve android performance.

2. Remove unnecessary apps

We use different apps for different purposes on our android devices. Today there are millions of apps and games available on the Google play store that we install on our mobile for our needs or for entertainment.

But the increase in the number of apps installed on an android device can slow down its speed. Most of these apps keep working in the background and use the resources of our android device.

We can uninstall these unnecessary apps to free the mobile resources this will help the android to work well on other processes.

3. Use lite versions

Many android devices cannot handle heavy apps and when we install more apps on that device it will definitely slow down its performance.

The best option to avoid such type of errors is to use the lite edition of mobile apps. Today there are many lite edition apps available on the Google play store such as Facebook lite and Messenger lite.

These apps also work like the original apps with the same functionality. However, a little bit of difference may be in the interface of the app otherwise they are the same. By using these lite apps you can free up your android storage and improve its performance.

4. Update the latest version

If your phone is running slow then you should check for the system update. Normally the old versions of software slow down the performance of android mobiles due to bugs and errors. 

Google improves the software quality with every update. When a new update is released it must be improved and free of old errors and bugs. So updating your android mobile can free up your system resources and can speed up your android mobile phone.

5. Turn off screen animations

Screen animations look great and increase the beauty of the mobile screen. Turning off the screen animations won't speed up your mobile but you will feel your mobile is running fast due to the decrease in animation delay. 

You can turn off your mobile animations for better results. This works like a magic and makes your mobile run fast. However, you will have to sacrifice the beautiful animation effect when you turn off screen animations. For this option, you will have to enable developer settings on your mobile to turn off screen animations. 

6. Perform a factory reset

If you have applied all of the above tricks but still your mobile is running slow then the best option is to reset your mobile to turn it back to the default settings. 

This will erase all of your data from your mobile and turn it back like a new mobile phone. Before performing a factory reset you should create a backup of your personal data to avoid any data loss. 

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Final words:

These are some tips that you should try to speed up your android mobile if it is running slow. Normally these tricks work well on maximum mobile phones but if you have any queries about this topic you can leave a comment or contact us by sending us a mail we will be back with you within a short time. 

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