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Today in every field we use pc to manage our data in our office or at home. Most people also use pc for entertainment such as browsing the internet or playing online games.

But the major problem with pc is that after some time it becomes slow and its performance decreased.

Today here we are going to discuss the major problems that can slow down your pc and also discuss the best solutions to improve pc performance, especially in the window operating system.

Here are some tips to improve your pc performance in the window operating system. 

Speed up your pc performance

Major causes that slow down the pc performance

1   1. Need to restart

When you feel that your pc is running slow it may be a sign to restart your pc. Restarting pc is needed because a computer system is working on a lot of processes at the same time. When all these processes not ended on time it may result in the huge use of computer resources. So it becomes necessary to restart your pc when a lot of processes slow down your pc performance.


The best solution to this problem is to restart your pc at several times to end these programs. Also, try to close the active programs by yourself.

      2. Old version of window

If you are using an older version of the window operating system on your pc it may let down your pc performance. When we get a new version of Windows it comes with various features and solutions for older bugs.


It is necessary to update your window operating with time so that you may get the latest features and also your pc may get rid of old bugs and problems with the window operating system.

3    3. Too many active programs

When we open too many programs at the same time it resulted in the slow performance of our pc. This is a big problem, especially for computers with a small amount of RAM.


Try to decrease the number of active programs at a time. Use the programs that you actually need. Otherwise, don’t open the programs without any reason, and when you finish your work close the active program and then go to the next step.

4   4. Old versions of running programs

Some programs may be developed for the older versions of the window operating system but they may also run on the latest window version. In this situation, these programs may slow down your pc performance.


Always try to use the latest version of the program on your pc. Go to the official website of the program and check for the latest updates. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the program on your pc that will work properly with your pc.

  5. Too many active browser tabs

When we use the internet on our pc, we open many tabs of browsers for different websites. But too many tabs can slow down the speed of your pc with a small RAM.


Try to decrease the number of active tabs on your browser to improve the performance of your website.

Close the tabs and bookmarks the important sites that you need to open quickly.

 6. Running on low memory space

If your computer is running on low memory space it may slow down your pc performance. When the pc storage drives become full. it affects the working of the pc and slows down the pc performance.


Check every disk whether it is full or not. If one disk is full try to delete unnecessary data or move your data to another storage disk to free up your storage. The best way is to use an external storage device to keep your important files.

 7. Viruses in your pc

While downloading files from the internet, there is a possibility that a virus can affect our pc. When a virus affects a pc it can damage our data and also affects the pc performance. 

Viruses can badly affect a pc performance and slow down its speed. So, if your pc is running slow, check for viruses in your pc.


Install antivirus for the security of your pc as your cyber tool. If your pc is already affected by a virus you can also remove the virus by using a secure antivirus on your computer. 

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Final thoughts:

These are some tips to improve your pc performance and to make it run fast. If your pc is not running well after applying these tricks you should increase your computer memory so that it can perform smoothly.

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