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Are you running a blog and looking to drive traffic to your blog? Social media platforms are the best way to drive traffic to a blog. 

Many bloggers don’t use social media platforms because they don’t have any idea about them. Most of them even don’t know some popular social media platforms. But the fact is social media is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. 

In this article, I am going to provide you some best social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog. But before going into depth first let’s find out the most popular social media platforms that we can use to drive traffic to a blog.

Social media platforms for bloggers


1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms and is at the top of the list of best social media platforms. Billions of users are using Facebook to remain connected with their dear ones. Facebook is also used for entertainment and business purposes.

You can use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog by sharing your link on Facebook. Share your article's link in different groups on Facebook to drive more traffic to your blog.

You can create your own Facebook page to provide the latest information about your blog and to share the latest articles. 

2. Instagram

Instagram is another best social media platform for bloggers to drive on their blogs. You can share your blog videos on Instagram to get more views on your videos. Instagram is a big social media platform with over 1 billion-plus active users, so it will be a great mistake not to explore this platform to drive traffic to your blog.

The weak point is that you can’t provide your blog link in the caption of your video but you can link your blog in the bio section.

3. Twitter

The third item on our best social media platforms list is Twitter. Twitter is another popular social media platform and is the best choice for bloggers and content creators.

There is a lot of content on Twitter and people like it due to its content and tweets. 

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is another best social media platforms for bloggers. Most people think that it is a search engine but it is also a social media platform. It can be a good platform for bloggers because of its post’s life span. Its post has a life span of 3 months means the posts published on Pinterest are long-lasting.

Pinterest is the platform where you can expect your article will rank more and more. The best thing about Pinterest is that you can also link your post with external sources such as your website. 

Pinterest may become more beneficial for bloggers with the niches like beauty, lifestyle, and online earning. The reason is that the majority of Pinterest users are women so the topic related to women's interests will get more attention and ranking.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform with around 700 million users. LinkedIn is a social media platform where most people are searching for jobs and wanted to be get hired by someone. 

You can also use LinkedIn in blogging platforms and you can share your blog articles with large featured images. You can also share your CV on Pinterest and big companies may hire you as a content writer.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for bloggers because if you know how to use it properly it can change your life.

6. Quora

Quora is a platform where people can ask and answer questions easily. It is a free platform and has questions about almost all the topics that you can think of on the planet. 

The is also the best social media platform for bloggers with like, share, and comment features. It has over 300 million active users every month and most of its users are American. 

You can search for the best keywords for your blog on Quora. Most of the popular websites use Quora for keyword research. 

Search a question in the search bar of Quora and you will find the best topics for your blog posts.

You can also drive traffic to your blog by answering the questions related to your blog. Search the question related to your blog answer it and at the end leave a URL of your blog post so that if the user wants to get more information about the topic he can visit your website by using the URL.

7. Medium

Medium is an online content publishing platform and also the best social media platform for bloggers. Medium is popular for its simple interface and great features.

This is the best and most free platform for bloggers to make money online. You can publish articles on Medium and monetize them with the Medium monetization program

The best thing about Medium is that it is a well-ranked website on the internet with a high domain authority of 96. So if your article is not rich in ON Page SEO yet there is a chance that your article may rank on search engines and you can make money from it.

I have mentioned that Medium is also the best social media platform for bloggers so you can share your content on Medium and drive traffic to your blog. 

If you are using the WordPress platform you can use a plugin that will automatically publish your articles on Medium. 

Final Words:

Here have mentioned the 7 best social media platforms for bloggers,

these are all the best platforms for blogging in 2023. You can choose according to your choice and needs. 

If you have any queries contact us, or leave a comment in the comment section to share your review of our content. 

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