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Have a website and looking to increase website traffic? Don’t worry in this article I will provide you different ways to increase website traffic.

Starting a blog or website is common for young people to make money online, but it becomes a challenge to increase website traffic after creating a website. Most bloggers cannot become successful and they can’t earn money due to low traffic on their blogs and websites. So let’s check out the best ways to increase website traffic.

10 ways to increase website traffic

Increase website traffic
Here are the 10 best ways to increase website traffic and earn money. So without wasting more time let's explain them one by one.

1. Paid advertisement

Advertising platform

Paid advertisement is the best way to increase website traffic in the beginning. You can also use advertisements even when your site ranks on search engines. But in the beginning, it is difficult to drive traffic to a new website because it takes time to rank on search engines.

But in the beginning, this is the best option for you to increase website traffic by advertising. You can use different advertisement platforms to increase website traffic and some of them are here::

  • Social media advertisement: Social media advertisement is the best way to increase website traffic to generate sales. One of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook and it also provides the facility to advertise your products.
  • Google Advertisement: Google is the most popular search engine which is being used all over the world for searching. Google advertisement is the best option to increase website traffic because it has covered a large market which means more searches and more traffic. 
  • Microsoft Bing advertisement: Microsoft Bing is another popular search engine that is the true competitor of Google. It also provides Microsoft ads feature to increase website traffic by advertisement. You can also choose this to generate more sales in your online business.

2. Improve site SEO

SEO banner

SEO plays an important role to increase website traffic by improving the search presence of a website or blog. It is better to work on SEO than the advertisement. The advertisement should be used but at the same time, we should work more on the SEO of our site. 

There are many factors of SEO that affect the site ranking. According to Google, there are 200 plus SEO factors that are important for a site to improve its ranking. 

SEO is of three types that are ON Page SEO, OFF Page SEO, and Technical SEO. If you don't know SEO, you should hire an SEO consultant for your site because this is the most important thing to increase website traffic. 

3. Use social media

Social media icons

Social media can help you to increase website traffic. Share your website on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can create your Facebook page to provide more information about your services. Use your Facebook page to notify your customers about your latest services and events. 

To increase website traffic, join Facebook groups related to your site niche. For example, if your site is related to technology then should join technology-based groups, and share your technology articles in those groups. You will get a lot of traffic because the group members are interested in technology and most of the people will definitely visit your link.

4. Link building

Link building banner

Link building is an important part of OFF Page SEO and it can also increase website traffic within a few days. Link building means getting links from high authority websites that will redirect users from that website to your site. 

Link building can increase the authority of your site within a few days, and it will improve the ranking of your site on search engines such as Google.

Link building can also drive traffic from high authority sites to your site. Getting links from the niches related sites can give your more traffic because the readers are interested in your content also, so there is a chance that most of the readers will click on your site link and visit your article. 

5. Increase website content:

Reading articles

Content is king we have heard and this is true that content is the most important factor for a website than any other to increase website traffic. 

Popular search engines see content quantity and quality to rank a website. If you have a lot of content on your site and you are updating your content then there is a great possibility that your site will get more ranking. 

If your site article gets 100 impressions on Google and you have 100 articles on your site. So let's calculate if every article gets 1000 impressions daily then your site will get 100 * 100 impressions means 10k impressions daily.

More content means more keywords and more ranking. So try to increase your content quantity on your site to increase website traffic.

6. Keywords research

Keywords research

Use keyword research tools to search for the best keywords for your site pages and articles. Use keywords with high searches and low competition. If you choose high-competition keywords your site ranking will affect and you will be stuck in competition to rank.

There are many keyword research tools available on the internet. Most of them are paid but you can choose Google Keywords Planner if you want a free keywords research tool.

Use evergreen keywords in your articles to get a high ranking. Evergreen keywords mean keywords that have no flexibility and will remain searching even in the future.  

7. Guest posting

Guest posting banner

Allow guest posting on your site to increase website traffic without any hard work. Guest posting means, allowing other content creators to publish their content on your site.

The benefit of allowing guest posting is that you will get more content for your site and the more content you have the more ranking you will get. 

The second benefit is that you will not have to create publicity for your site the content creators will share your sites on different social media platforms to get more traffic to their articles. 

8. Email list building

Email list building

Email list building is the most popular technique being used nowadays to increase website traffic. You can send emails to your readers to notify them about the new content on your site.

Make content that will restrict users to share their emails with you to access your content or use a newsletter subscription form to get users' emails that visit your site. 

9. Community engagement

Community engagement

Engage with the community of your interest on different social media platforms. Use Facebook groups to engage with different communities. 

You can also use some other social media platforms such as Quora and answer the question and leave your site link with the answer to increase website traffic. 

10. Social share buttons

Social media icons

Social share is the most beneficial widget, especially for bloggers. It is a powerful tool to increase your site's popularity in the world. 

When a reader reads your content and he loves to share it with others. If your site has social share buttons he will share that article with his loved ones. It will increase website traffic easily without any extra effort.

Final Words:

There are different ways to increase website traffic but here I have selected the best and easy ways that will help you to get more traffic on your site. If you have any questions or you are searching for help to increase website traffic then you can contact us, we will be with you in a short time.

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