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 Generally, we don't get any hero section in the default blogger themes, and we get a blog posts list after the header navigation. This doesn't look nice. Creating a hero section just below the header navigation improves the look of the website and it also explains a site's services clearly.

In this article, I will show you, how to create a responsive hero section in Blogger just below the header navigation. Before going to the guide to creating a hero section in blogger first let's take an introduction to the hero section.

Add Hero Section in Blogger


The hero section is an area on a website just below the header section which shows information about the site services and also provides an important link such as a contact page button. Generally, the hero section is set to full width and contains a beautiful background image or video.

  • It shows the information of a website very clearly.
  • It describes the services of a website that is provided to the site users.
  • It provides information about who you are and why people should trust you.
  • It also contains important links such as services know more or contact page buttons.

The hero section is important for every website because it describes a site's purpose clearly and it also improves the website's look. Blog posts just after the header section look dull and create a bad impression on the reader's mind. 

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  • The hero section gives a beautiful look to the site.
  • It helps to make a brand by giving important information to the users.
  • It helps users to understand the purpose of the site.
  • It provides important links for the users to complete the action.


1. Go to the blogger layout and add a new gadget under the header menu.

2. Click on the HTML gadget and add it.

3. Now copy this HTML code and paste it. 

Copy HTML code 

4. After putting the HTML code, now copy and paste this CSS code under the HTML code.

Copy CSS Code 

5. Now your blog will show a hero section under the header menu of your blog.

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  • Create a powerful heading for your hero section.
  • Use subheadings.
  • Provide enough information about your site.
  • Create a call to action button.
  • Use a beautiful and attractive background color or image.


This was a simple method to add a hero section in blogger. You can copy the given code and add it to the blogger widget easily. 

In some situations you have to change the text of the hero section, you can change it in the HTML code according to your site.

If you are facing any problems in adding a hero section in Blogger, you can contact us. We will guide you to add a hero section to your blog.

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